Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bum Rush the show....War Troggs

A War Trogg is a brutal four legged piece of compact destruction. No tricks or smoking mirrors with this one, just hop on, go straight ahead and raise the ruckus. Troggs are mildly social beasts with ultra aggressive tempers that rome in groups of up to 20, they average in weight at a plump 6.5 tons (the heaviest one ever captured was weighed in at 21 tons). They all have a set of eyes on both sides of their heads generally located at the base of the skull to provide them with 360 degrees of sight. Since these creatures are so aggressive, they have to be implanted with neural chips which administer an anti aggression hormone to curb their behavior when they get into a frenzy, it also allows their handlers to be able to direct their movements from their interface in the cockpit. They can be fitted with an assortment of arms from field canons to rocket launchers and tail maces.