Thursday, May 24, 2007

Martian Infantry 1.0

Just a little something from the basement until I get a few drawings finished. This is my first design for the martian infantry.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Grindin'

I figured I would post a pic or two of myself at my work station at home finishing up and inking my John Henry drawing. Nothing better than drawing and listening to the Mysterious Universe podcast.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Paul Bunyan

This American lumberjack or (French Canadian depending on what side of the fence your on) is a folk hero of massive proportions to say the least. Paul is said to have had a blue ox named "Babe" who that was to have measured 42 axe handles. and always had a plug of chewing tobacco between his horns (now that some cool stuff!!!). Paul Bunyans physical attributes were truly the things made of legend. He was said to have had a laugh that would shatter windows, it took 17 storks to carry him home when he was born, as well as being able to dig the Grand Canyon just by dragging his axe behind him. Stay "tooned" for Babe and Pecos Bill!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

John Henry "The Steel Driving Man"

I had been thinking about drawing characters in 19th Century folklore (Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyun, Iron John to come) and what better character to start this jump off than John Henry. Legend has it, John Henry went head to head (with two 9 pound hammers) and won against a steam drill, in a contest of man over machine (in a way it was a battle of man over machine for jobs), ending in numerous versions of his death and ending up being replaced by drills anyway. Some say he died of a heart attack after winning the contest, others have him being blown up in mines, brain aneurisms and just plain old being burned out, with a few having him living. There are lots of different stories of his origins, whether it be Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia or Jamaica, the one constant was John Henry was a strong representation of the 19th Century working class. In Virginia lore he was a man of a kind heart, very strong, pleasant speech, yet a gambler, a roue', a drunkard and a fierce fighter, and was loved by all the negro women from the southern West Virginia line to the C&O Railroad.