Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Years Eve 2013 comes in with a Nola BLAST!

As my mind settled in from pre NewYears eve festivities, the crew and I headed out to enjoy Nola's cuisine and vibes before the fireworks at midnight. We decided to have some drinks at a dive bar and then head to the delightful Royal House Oyster Bar to fill the guts before heading to the water to watch the fireworks. Walking to the bar and enjoying artwork in the French Quarter we ran across "The violin lady" on the corner blazing up some inspired tunes that quickly garnered an audience.

After some head bobs, a few tips and smiles, we made our way to the Royal House. During our 15 minute wait to get seated we were treated to a wedding march!

The first thing that blessed the table were the crawfish patties, they were light, flavorful and resting on a lake of house sause. I could have easily eaten four of these po boy style.

Next up was an oldie but goodie, oysters on the half shell in all their brined goodness. This worthy appetizer (or main dish depending on your level of gluttony that day) is accompanied with lemon, horseradish and a spicy house sauce. You won't know whether to laugh or cry with joy, so I recommend you do both and go to town on these goodies.

After some good laughs that were made harder with wine, I played it conservative with the shrimp platter and cole slaw. The shrimp, hush puppies and fries ended up being a great decision because it was good beer drinking food.

Party pit stop and then on to the water!!!!

And then I realized..

Better get to the main event.

We survived.

2013 arrives in New Orleans.

A sure fire way to have a good time bringing in the new year is in the party city of New Orleans. This city has more good music on the street corner that some places have in their own towns or cities. I mean after a year of politics that ended in one side looking like this:

And another side looking like this:

You have a guy who looks like this:

Who predicted this all along with basic math:

Glad that's over, now lets talk about the issues we love like good food and good drink in New Orleans!
In a warm up of things to come we got acquainted with the lovely Eudora Welty and Deep Soul at the Balcony Music Club. This is a cozy bar with good people and good vibes, you can easily get caught up in the vibe and totally leave there trashed. Here's a little Deep Soul to cleanse your palette. 

After a little pre New Years Eve music and drink for the soul it's time to hit up the The Irish House Pub and Restaurant  for a Muggivan burger. This burger was pure goodness topped with cheddar, bacon, coleslaw and a fried egg, served with housemade chips.

Look who made and appearance at the Irish House, a gauntlet of Bushmill whisky to wet down that Muggivan. The Bushmill gauntlet from left to right: Bushmills, Bushmills Black Bush, Bushmills Honey, Bushmills 10, Bushmills 16. The Black Bush and Bushmills 16 were my favorites. If you love whisky, treat yourself to a Bushmills and get your head straight!

To say that the night ended pleasantly was an understatement.