Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dunny prototype sketch..

I had some ideas for a Dunny I was planning on working on a while back, so i did some sketches of those ideas. I did this sketch over a year ago, so that's the type of motivation I have to get started.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Steam Ticks...

Pesky, itchy and just annoying, these Martian Steam Ticks are the scourge of anything that has blood in its veins wandering the Mars surface. The sole purpose of the critters is to feed and lay eggs. These "bugs" also appear to have a benefit for travelers to Mars. As the ticks feed they emit a breathable gas that benefits humanoid respiratory systems. For people who are on the Mars surface who utilize breathing systems, there have been some companies that have produced space suits that have compartments equipped with the ticks, that can be released into the suits to provide breathable air in an emergency. The process to remove these ticks is very long and can sometimes be fatal, so there are cases where the parasite can't be completely removed, just sterilized so they can't reproduce.