Friday, February 23, 2007

You say you want something different, well..........

I have been really inspired as of late with drawing different versions of "underworld" type characters. Here is one of the things that has squirted out my head as of late. His name is Pirumm (a wild ass) Shurr (one who observes), in essence an asshole who is basically in your business. Be on the look out for the rest of his crew, it's going to get very interesting....Muuuaaahh ha ha ha ha!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Return of "Big Blue" Slogg

I've been away from posting for a while and ran across a sketch for another animal in the world of the Militant Martians. I decided to color it and figured I would post it instead of my standard black and white. The Slogg is lazy, slow and always hungry, they are grazing animals that are used on Mars primarily as "beasts of burden". They are generally docile animals, but when provoked you better "tuck and duck". Easily domesticated and loyal, the Slogg generally forms a strong bond with it's owner leading them to become highly protective. Grazing in packs of 20-25 there is surely no shortage of these beasts on on the numerous sandy regions on Mars.