Monday, May 13, 2013

My Once Upon A Time Theory from the season 3 finale!

I think it's a possibility that Peter Pan was actually Felix the one who said “It may take time, but Peter Pan never fails.” at the end of the show, he could have just been speaking in the 3rd person about himself. Remember when the Lost Ones were searching the ship and Felix warned Hook who was "new to this land" of what "He" does to people who lie to him. Hook responded by saying "I gather it hurts" and Felix responds by saying "it does" and telling him about the pain associated with having your shadow "ripped right from your body". How would Felix know if it was painful unless it happened to him? Maybe he's Peter Pan and that was his shadow that was trying to take the Darling boys and Bae to Neverland. I have a feeling there is someone who is more diabolical in the wings and it's not Peter Pan. On Hooks ship when Mr. Gold said Tamara and Greg were just pawns and there was a power they couldn't comprehend, Emma asks him who and Gold didn't say Peter Pan, he just said nothing. Lets be real, Peter Pan just doesn't seem like a character Mr. Gold would be scared of. It would be awesome if Peter Pan was right in our faces the whole show, and the show ends with him confirming it and it totally went over most peoples head. Even if it turns out Felix is not Peter Pan, I still think the shadow belongs to him. This shows going to make my head explode! You can watch the episode here on ABC's website.