Friday, January 13, 2012

Atlanta Falcons can't get it done against the Giants in the 2012 playoffs.

Apparently the Falcons didn't take heed to my pre-game playoff speech. 
Now were 0-3 in the playoffs and have looked worse in each outing that we've been in the playoffs.
The Falcons are the first team in NFL history to have scored over 400 points in the regular season,
and failed to put up any offensive points to a team that gave up over 400 points in the regular season or playoffs.

Let it be known that anyone calling Matt Ryan "Mattie Ice" should duck, but at least it's a good thing he wears number 2, because he sure plays like number 2 in the playoffs. Matt Ryan's inability (or fear) to step up in the pocket to make a throw, even if it means he has to take one to the chin is hurting this team.   I know, it's probably very intense when 250 to 300 plus pound men are running at you much faster than you can run away, but that's why you get paid a kings ransom to play a game. The run game sucked and lacked any creativity, I mean really, three yards and a cloud of dust running game in the playoffs, what happened to counters, delayed draw plays and the occasional screen pass? I know Ovie is on IR, but really, getting stopped on multiple 4th and 1 situations is inexcusable, especially when on one of those tries Turner was on the sideline, give me a break!!! It's almost like the coaching staff only watched the games the Giants won and did all the plays the Giants were good at defending. With the Atlanta Falcons keep your expectations low, that way anything extra is a bonus. However, I won't think like that, because low expectations isn't a worthy bar when your trying to build something good. I'll keep my head high Atlanta Falcons, but know my eyes will be slanted until I see some creativity, toughness and grit!!!