Friday, October 31, 2014

Walker Stalker Convention 2014!

One of the great things about living in Atlanta and being a podcaster is the Walker Stalker Convention that started here in Atlanta Ga a.k.a. the scene of the crime! This convention was thrown by James and Eric from The Walker Stalkers podcast!

Representing for our podcast Talking About Walkers was me and one of my co-hosts Olaf Barbosa. We held down the fort minus one man, our fellow host Kinte, he was missed but truly there in spirit! The convention was Oct 17th-19th and was well worth the trip as a member of the media!

On Friday Oct 17th, I was able to represent our podcast on the Walking Dead podcasters panel, which also had other great podcasters like, Jason and Karen from The Walking Dead cast, Jim and Aron from Watching Dead and Jasmine and Michael from The Walking Dead Girl! Here are some photos and video snippet from the panel!

                            Jason and Karen from the Walking Dead Cast!

                                    Mighty Me aka The Militant Marker!

                                      Jim from Watching Dead podcast!

                        Here's a video snippet of the TWD podcaster panel!

We also had an opportunity to interview a few killed off Walking Dead actors and first up to bat was Moses J. Mosely aka Michonnes pet walker #1 from season 3 and 4!

Vincent Ward aka 'Oscar' the prison inmate from season 3 who was teamed up                    with Lew Temples character "Axel" and died way too soon!

           Jeff Kober who played "Joe" the leader of the "Claimers" in season 4!

             Andrew J. West who played season 5's villain and resident cannibal!

We took part in a roundtable and did a Q & A with Iron E. Singleton who played T-Dog from seasons 1-3 representing to the fullest! One of the most genuine and personable guys you'll ever meet! #Truth

Another roundtable we took part in was with the one and only Michael Rooker aka "Merle Dixon" and "Yondu Udanta" from Guardians of the Galaxy!

We also ran into other actors from the show! Theodus Crane who played "Big Tiny" who was a prison inmate from season 3!

Also we ran into Travis Love who played Shumpert "The Bowman" who was one of the governors right hand men!

               We had fun with some of the volunteers who worked the event!
                                          Big ups to D from Chi Town!

Overall the Convention was a huge success and I look forward to attending next years as well. We totally represented and we're always, as we say here in Atlanta We Outchea!

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